With artists such as Black Sabbath, Sixx:A.M. and Behemoth already confirmed, the ticket sales for Tons of Rock 2016 has broken all records, and the tickets won’t be less popular when we now announce another strong pack for Fredriksten Festning. In addition to Alice Cooper, the king of shock rock, we’re proud to present amongst others August Burns Red, Blues Pills and Les Punx to Norway’s biggest rock and metal fest.
Alice Cooper has for a couple of generations made a name for himself as one of the rawest acts in rock and roll, and he has paved way for all artists wanting to mix horror, rock and rawness throughout rock history. With his infamous live act consisting of killer snakes and beheading of both himself and others, we doubt he has left anyone unmarked. When you add his fantastic discography to the blend, with classics such as School’s Out, Poison, I’m Eighteen and Elected, there is no doubt that everything is set for a fantastic show at Tons of Rock.
August Burns Red is one of the brightest stars on the metalcore sky, and their fans are rising in numbers at a furious speed. The Americans have released their seventh album, and the critically acclaimed «Found in Far Away Places» is bound to give the quintet their most deserved breakthrough. In June they will blow the Tons of Rock audience away!
Blues Pills might be named as one of the bands in the still roaring retro wave of bands hailing to the 70’s bell bottom music, but with a much more bluesy and raw touch than many of their peers, is the international quartet a much more exciting and brilliant band than you’d initially imagine. With the charismatic Elin Larsson in front, and not least the young guitar virtuos Dorian Sorriaux, on stage, Blues Pills will give you a timeless groove seldom seen or heard.
Insomnium of Finland is more or less a household name for fans of melodic death metal. De deep woods and thousand lakes has seemingly no limits for how many awesome bands they can produce, and whether it is in the booze or in the air is not for us to say, but noone will fall asleep when Insomnium hits Tons of Rock on Fredriksten Festning!
Havok is one of a number of bands that emerged with the new wave of thrash metal in the new millennium, and with technique, aggression  and a wide appeal, have many fallen for the Denver band. And as opposed to many from the same scene, Havok still delivers both on and off stage.
Krakow might not be the most well known name for the masses, but for those paying attention to the underground, and especially the heavier part, they are not unnoticed. The Bergen outftit is roaring it’s head in more and more mainstream environments, and their reputation as a fantastic liveband will be proven when they shake the foundations of the fortress in Halden this summer!
Steak Number Eight hails from Belgium, and is something as rare as a Beligan sludge band. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Steak Number Eight is technically great and groovically heavier than heaviest, and there will be a fat mojo surrounding this gig!
Les Punx of Norway is punk with quite a bit of pop, or vice versa if you prefer that. We have Les Punx as one of the main contenders for next years big winners on Norwegian festivals and clubs, and remember where you heard it first! Becaus if there’s anything we take prde in, is it to help out and lift up new Norwegian bands, and Les Punx is one of these, and you will hear a lot about them in the future.