Camp check in opens 09.00 Thursday 22.June

Last checkout is 13.00 Sunday 25.June.

Camp-tickets on sale now.


All prices are for the whole weekend. No single day tickets sold for the camp.

Camping ticket (pr.person): 300NOK

Tent fee: 200NOK (only valid with purchased camping ticket)

Camper/bus/Caravan(+car): 300NOK(only valid with purchased camping ticket)

Parking: 100NOK pr. car pr. 24 hours.

Please note: There will be guards on the car park, but the festival takes no responsibility for valuables left in the cars. Only cash payment for the car park.

Electric power supply for campers/busses: 200,- pr. day. This can be booked and payed upon arrival.

Buy tickets here:


  • For security purposes the number of people allowed to sleep in each tent, bus or caravan will be strictly regulated by camp security.
  • Each camp is responsible for their own waste. Your personal ticket will be registered at a specific camp and you will be billed for sanitations costs if the site is not tidy when you leave.
  • Check out from the camp is Sunday june 25th at 13:00
  • Each tent space is 3,5mX3,5m. If you have a bigger tent, you will have to rent an extra space. If you want extra space between or in front of your tent, you will have to pay for an extra tent space for this.
  • Camping is only available with a festival ticket.
  • For security reasons you will have to have a valid ID to get into the area.
  • The receipt for the camping fee will be your ticket to get into the camp site.
  • You have to be over 18 y/o to stay at the camp site.
  • There is no power outlets at the tent camp, but a charger station for phones/iPads etc. will be on the site.
  • NO OPEN FIRE is allowed on the camp. This includes all kinds of bbq/grill.
  • No pets allowed. No sofas or other regular indoor furniture. Only camping furniture.
  • Big music systems (w/generators) are not allowed. Only battery powered systems allowed.
  • Map over the area will be available soon
  • Be considerate and take care of each other!
  • Food
  • You can bring any food you like to the camp, but OPEN FIRE IS NOT ALLOWED (bbqs/grills). You cannot bring food or beverage from the camp and onto the festival area