Cashless payment system

Tons Of Rock use the electronic payment system Cashless. The point of using such a system is to reduce lines and make payment more effective.

To be able to buy food and beverages on the festival you need to use a cashless card. You buy this card upon arrival or in advance at and you can fill it up online or at the cashless stands at the festival.

Your cashless card will be valid one calendar year from day of purchase and can also be used at other festivals using the cashless system during this period. Visit to see where you can use your card.


There is an annual fee of 50NOK pr. card. pr. year. There are no transaction fees.


You can buy and refill your cashless card at one of our cashless stands on the festival area. To refill you will need cash or credit card.

You can also refill your card at


If you have money left on your card by the end of the festival you will get a refund receipt at one of the cashless points on the festival area before you leave. the excess amount will be transferred to your account.

For more information see