6 new artists ready

Our Christmas calendar only got one door, but then again it is so traditional, magic and exciting at once that we feel it is the mother of all advent calendars. We have a major treat for you, namely Megadeth. Dave Mustaine has since his Metallica days build his own band and brand to be one of the biggest in metal, and they were recently seen in these parts with The Big 4 alongside Metallica, Slayer and Anthrax.


Also we are proud to present three other acts. Pain of Sweden is the brainchild of producer and musician Peter Tägtgren, and always a welcome addition in Norway. Tägtgren might be more known as the man behind Hypocrisy and more recently in cooperation with Till Lindemann of Rammstein in their common project Lindemann.

The Norwegian Grammy, better known as Spellemann, is one of the most sought after music awards in Norway. A few years back it went to thrash metal icons Nekromantheon, and they will show us why!

Eurotrash from Norway is another name we advise you to keep eyes and ears open to, as their pop punk is so catchy and delightful that you just can’t fight it.


History’s biggest rock/metal gathering in Norway


With a lineup stronger than ever, Tons of Rock is not unnoticed, and we dare to say that Tons of Rock 2016 will arguably be the biggest gathering of rock and metal legends in Norway, with names such as Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Nikki Sixx, Alice Cooper, Nergal and Dave Mustaine. The round table at Fredriksten Fortress will once and for all consolidate itself as the high seat of metal in Norway.


Record sales

This also shows in the ticket sales, which are astonishing, and breakin all records. There are now just 500 Thursday tickets left for Tons of Rock 2016 at Fredriksten Fortress. The hotel and VIP packages are long gone, so the audience should run to the stands to take advantage of our ongoing Christmas offer.


Hotel package – SOLD OUT

VIP package – SOLD OUT

Thursday tickets – Only 500 left!

Festival tickets – Christmas offer through out 2015: 2090,- ex fees (Full price 2016: 2250,- ex fees)


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