New York, US

“You Wanted the Best, You Got the Best». The most iconic hard rock band of all times is ready for Tons of Rock. No band has ever inspired more hard rockers, or given generations so much joy with their amazing performances as Kiss has. The band has sold over 100 million albums, and hold countless platinum and gold records. They are now embarking on their great farewell-tour “End of the Road World Tour”, and promise the spectacular show in the history of this great band. You know where you need to be when history is being written at Ekebergsletta on the 27th of June, 2019.


Volbeat til Tons of Rock!

Vi er ekstremt stolte av å presentere Nordens største band som headliner 28.juni 2019

Siden oppstarten i 2001 har det kritikerroste og Grammy-nominerte danske rockebandet blitt gigantiske med sin unike miks av klassisk rock ‘n’ roll, heavy metal og rockabilly. De slipper straks livealbumet «Let’s Boogie! Live from Telia Parken», innspilt foran 50.000 elleville fans i København. Det er den største konserten et dansk band har gjort i hjemlandet noensinne. Vi gleder oss enormt til at dette fantastiske livebandet skal lage tidenes folkefest på Ekebergsletta fredag 28. juni!

Def Leppard

Sheffield, UK

One of the worlds biggest bands is coming to Tons of Rock and Ekebergsletta. The brits have sold more than 100 million albums, and they just finished a stadium tour with over one million sold tickets. The band is also in the exclusive company of bands having sold more than 10 million of 2 different albums, along with Pyromania and Hysteria. In Oslo we can look forward to a hit parade of the rarer sort from these hard rock legends.

Dropkick Murphys

Massachusetts, US

Dropkick Murphys combine traditional Irish folk rock with punk, and is known as an amazing live band. They played a packed Oslo Spectrum in February this year - a concert which received 9/10 from Musikknyheter: “Dropkick Murphys oozes of routine and musical joy, and this is highly contagious amongst the crowds”. We can guarantee a party at Ekebergsletta!

Dream Theater

Sist de var i Norge feiret de 25-årsjubileet til mesterverket «Images & Words» i Oslo Spektrum. De har fulgt opp med en rekke fantastiske album siden klassikeren fra 1992. Det fjortende studioalbumet «Distance over Time» slippes i februar, og lørdag 29. juni ser du bandet på Ekebergsletta!

In Flames

Gothenburg, Sweden

The greatest metal band of the North is coming to Oslo next summer! The Swedes from In Flames had their album debut with “Lunar Strain” in 1994, and since then the world has been at their feet. They’ve sold around three million albums, and have headlined all there is of festivals and big venues. We are extremely excited for Anders Fridén & Co to bring their “Gothenburg death metal” to Tons of Rock in June!


Gdańsk, Poland

The hottest extreme metal band in the world has returned. The polish champions have taken the stage of the brutal metal, and they are not looking back. Their latest masterpiece, “I Love You At Your Darkest” is truly groundbreaking, and is a massive successor to “The Satanist”, in a way only the dark lords of Poland knows how


Oslo, Norway

The very successful and most sought after comeback continues! Gluecifer are playing four sold out gigs at Sentrum Scene this autumn, but to all of you not able to get a hold of tickets, despair not, you’ll be able to witness the Kings of Rock in Oslo in 2019! At Tons of Rock they’ll prove that they are still on top of the rock throne.


California, US

The American trash metal legends - Testament - has been confirmed to Tons of Rock! The band is truly in great shape these days, which they proved playing for a sold out Rockerfeller in March. Since the 80s they’ve been one of the great metal bands, and they received great reviews on their last album, “Brotherhood of The Snake”.


Norways most legendary black metal band is returning to Tons of Rock. Mayhem has been on tour all over the world during the last years, celebrating their masterpiece “De mysteriis dom sathanas”. The band is back in the studio to record some new material, and at Ekebergsletta in June we’ll get classics from their entire career.

Oslo Ess

Oslo Ess is amongst Norways most hard working rock bands. They’ve harvested radiant critique from the countries biggest newspapers for all of their albums, and have been charted at the biggest radio stations with no lead than eight of their singles, including hits like “Alt Jeg Trenger», «Bislett Stadion», «Caroline» and «Det Brenner Under Beina Mine». When summertime arrives again, they’ll be at Ekebergsletta, and it will be nothing short of kick-ass!


The interest around the German power metal band has totally exploded lately. Over the last summer they headlined European festivals in front of 40 000 viewers, and their ongoing tour is selling out gig after gig. They are finally coming to Norway, and we have a spectacular show awaiting us at Tons of Rock.


Swedish Amaranthe has become a massive name in the metal world. They had their breakthrough in 2011 with the self-titled debut album which reached the top of numerous charts, and with the sequel, the band took the leap to world class. They’ve just released their fifth album “Helix”, and will be at Tons of Rock 2019!



The British Tesseract started out in 2007, and is amongst the bands responsible and credited for the dent genre in the progressive metal. They have a great and local fan base, and will bring their fourth album “Sonder” in their trunks when they visit Tons of Rock in June!


The extreme metal band, Carcass, was founded in Liverpool in 1985. They called it quits ten tears later, but made a successful comeback in 2007, and luckily for us they’ve been going strong ever since. The latest album of these metal veterans, “Surgical Steel”, received massively great critics, amongst others a 4/5 from AllMusic: «That Carcass chose to come out of their cave at all is impressive, but that they did it with both style and substance intact is great news for fans of extreme metal the world over».

Bury Tomorrow

Metal core band Bury Tomorrow from Southampton will arrive at Ekebergsletta in June. They’ve released five albums, the last one this summer. “AllMusic” describes their music as such: “Offsetting layers of pleasant, atmospheric melody with sudden bursts of chugging heaviness, the band uses its breakdowns to create a brooding, moody effect, as if the songs are lurching into a fit when provoked from their somber ruminations». This is not something you would want to miss out on!


Djerv is back, and the comeback is happening at Tons of Rock! Led by on of the most charismatic vocals in Norway, Agnete Kjølsrud, a firework of a show is to be expected. The band promises some old classics, tunes from Animal Alpha, and not to mention smoking fresh new material.

While She Sleeps

The British metal core masters in While She Sleeps are ready for Tons of Rock! When they were last in Norway they played for a sold out Sentrum Scene along with Bring Me The Horizon. They are finally back for a massive festival show at Tons of Rock, after having to cancel last year. A few years back the band was awarded “Newcomer of the year” from Kerrang, and have already established themselves as on of the genres most awesome bands.

Black Debbath

The toughest men of Norwegian Metal has returned. This time they’ll travel from the wooden paths and on to the field at Ekeberg. Tons of Rocks very own ambassadors are celebrating themselves, the festival and you with their very own “Tons of Rock”-song, and stuff like that tends to generate a party.


The legendary Oslo band, Ulver, is known for their experimental rock and spectacular shows. Ulver has fans all over the world, and we are proud and so pleased that the groundbreaking and mythical group wants to make the trip to Ekebergsletta come summer.


The death metal band from Kolbotn, Norway, makes the trip to Tons of Rock! Obliteration has just released the song “Detestation Rite” - which is the first taste of the album “Cenotaph Obscure”, due in November. Its been five years since the last album, “Black Death Horizon”, and this was praised as the best metal album of the year by a joint press.


Hard rock band Hällas from Sweden is truly a band to watch out for. They’ve been inspired by the 70s prog and the 80s NWOBHM, and in 2015 they gave out their debut EP. They followed up with the concept album “Excerpts from a Future Past» in 2017, and their fanbase just keeps growing!


Now this is news where you can really smell the burn! Vltimas consists of no other than David Vincent from Morbid Angel, Blasphemer known from Mayhem and Flo from Cryptosy. We’ve been given an exclusive access to their album, and we know that this will go out with a bang! Vltimas will be giving their very first concert in Norway at Tons of Rock.