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Thursday, Friday, Saturday:



Tons of Rock operates with a free/no age limit at the festival grounds. Small children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times, and they shall be protected against high volume. Clearly intoxicated individuals travelling with smaller children will not be accepted to enter the festival, and they will be taken care of buy professional personnel.



Children under the age of 8 may enter the festival free of charge while visiting with a parent guardian holding a ticket. Children under the age of 12 needs to be registered at entrance.



Tons of Rock is open and available to all. However, due to the nature of the festival grounds and the crowds, it might be difficult to access all areas of the festival in a wheelchair, and especially during rain. We do recommend that all wheelchair users bring a Companion, and Tons of Rock operates with free entry for Companions, provided that the wheelchair user is a festival ticket holder and has a valid proof of companionship. There is available HC-toilets at both camp and festival grounds.


There is a strict proof of age policy at all our serving points selling alcohol. A valid proof of age is credit/debit card with photo, drivers license or passport. If its discovered that one is abusing an id, or using a forged proof of age, the police will be contacted, and it will be reported.



Our security crew have been instructed to be particularly vigilant concerning people visibly under the influence. Crew manager has, with the police, authority to demand proof of id, as well as to expel individuals from the area. Young individuals spotted enjoying alcohol who might look like they’re under 18 will be asked to show proof of age. Individuals proven to be under the age of 18 will have their goods confiscated, they will be expelled from the festival grounds, and their festival pass will be revoked.

If you are caught buying alcohol to a minor (an individual under the age of 18) you will be reported to the police.

Clearly intoxicated people in care of children will be accompanied from the festival grounds together with the minor, and notice will be given to the police.


Parking and transport


There will be a limited amount of parking spaces, so we recommend everyone to travel by public transportation.


There are numerous ways to efficiently get to and from the festival grounds.

Tram (from / to Oslo Central Station, “Jernbanetorget”): 18 & 19 to “Sportsplassen”
Bus (from / to Oslo Central Station, “Jernbanetorget”): 34 & 74 to “Ekeberg Camping”
Metro (from / to Oslo Central Station, “Jernbanetorget”): 1 & 4 to “Brattlikollen”




We are turning Ekeberg Camping to a festival camp – Tons of Camping – from Wednesday afternoon to Sunday. Here you’ll be staying at a 3 star camp site with all amenities (showers, toilets, laundry services, kiosk) right next to the festival grounds. It will be possible to purchase breakfast at the camp, and you are allowed to bring your own goods into the camp.

For safety reasons the area will be fenced in, and everyone wishing to enter the camp area must purchase a “Person ticket” at Ticketmaster in advance. Access to the camp will be controlled by security staff during the entire festival period.

Everyone staying at the festival camp will have their own exclusive entrance to the festival grounds, and you will avoid having to stand in line at the main entrance.


Scandic Hotel is Tons of Rocks official collaboration partner. They will house both artists and staff, not to mention that they are providing a great offer for our audience, you! Scandic Hotel Vulkan will be transformed to Tons of Rocks official festival hotel, and here you’ll stay central with great amenities and rock from dusk till dawn.

Click here to see hotel bundles.

Food and Stalls

Do you wish to have a sales pitch at Tons of Rock 2019? Keep reading here.
The demand for a stall at the festival is increasing every year. We are now entering our sixth estival year, and to ensure the best possible festival experience for our crows we wish to engage the very best of food and market vendors. There is a limited amount of spots available in both the Foodcourt and the Sales-street!

We consider each applicant on an individual basis, and in order to provide the very best for our audience we ask that all applicants fill out our application form. In this form its important that you provide us with as much detail as possible, including in depth details of your stall and concept, as well as photos of your menu, stall, truck, products , etc

Discover Oslo

In addition to being the biggest city in Norway, Oslo is also one of the oldest cities in the country. Oslo is said to be the city with it all, we have big city life, numerous cultures, one of the countries most pulsating night life, the woods, the sea, parks, gourmet restaurants and festivals, to name a few. There aren’t that many cities in the world who might compare to the number of concerts per year divided by the number of citizens.

For a complete guide to Oslo, we recommend Visit Oslo’s page, where you can find loads of stuff to see and do!


Coming soon:
Tons of Rocks very own “Discover Oslo´s” list where we will recommend everything from bars, record stores, venues to historical sites, so stay tuned!