Festival Tickets

Festival Ticket

Valid for all 3 days.

Day Ticket

Only valid for the chosen day.

Please note! The program is subject to change. This is a preliminary festival program where changes might occur. Your ticket is non-refundable.

Accomodation Tickets

Tons of Camp

We are turning Ekeberg Camping to a festival camp – Tons of Camping – from Wednesday afternoon to Sunday. Here you’ll be staying at a 3 star camp site with all amenities (showers, toilets, laundry services, kiosk) right next to the festival grounds. It will be possible to purchase breakfast at the camp, and you are allowed to bring your own goods into the camp.

For safety reasons the area will be fenced in, and everyone wishing to enter the camp area must purchase a “Person ticket” at Ticketmaster in advance. Access to the camp will be controlled by security staff during the entire festival period.

Everyone staying at the festival camp will have their own exclusive entrance to the festival grounds, and you will avoid having to stand in line at the main entrance.


Scandic Hotel is Tons of Rocks official collaboration partner. They will house both artists and staff, not to mention that they are providing a great offer for our audience, you! Scandic Hotel Vulkan will be transformed to Tons of Rocks official festival hotel, and here you’ll stay central with great amenities and rock from dusk till dawn.